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It is bacause of those $millions$ that are paid out that medical malpractice insurance premiums that are paid by doctors, just so that they can do their jobs, is in the tens of thousand of dollars a year. That is $10,000+ even for doctors that have never had a suit or complaint. This cost is then just passed along to the patient as higher doctor fees. This in turn causes insurance companies (that pay most medical bills) to raise fees. Without these wildly excessive payouts, all of us could better afford our own medical bills.

I have a hard time seeing how Joe Average that makes $30,000 a year (that's $1.2 million for a lifetime) is due $50 million for anything. At that rate, I wouldn't mind loosing the wrong foot.

I think that having all bills paid is one thing, but lifelong retirement at 50-100 times current income is just rediculous.


Well, GC, if we let things go back to the "good old days", you're going to see egregious behavior like Ford with its 1970s death trap, the Pinto hatchback.


I just fail to see how awarding someone millions and millions of dollars for a medical mistake is fair to the rest of us that must now foot the bill. (ie. all doctors raise their fees to cover the now MUCH higher malpractice insurance.) Sure, it's like a lottery win for the "victom", but everyone else pays, not just the "criminal" doctor.


Interesting G.C.

Complete immunity from societal responsibility.

Makes sense if one does not believe in the social contract that makes for our form of government.

Thus, if you neighbor's house goes on fire and burns yours down, why should your carrier pay for your loss?

If they do, my insurance premiums will go up. That does not seem fair to me, so you should just go build a new house.


No, Marty, you do not understand what I am saying at all. To follow your example. My neighbor's house burns and also burns my $100,000 house. Am I then due $50 million for my loss? No! I am due damages which is... oh, maybe $100,000. That is what we call "fair". "Fair" would even include paying for a hotel or apartment during rebuilding. Millions of dollars is not "fair". It is outragious! Now imagine not just my house, but all houses that burn down and millions for each one. Now, that would cause insurance to go up!

Ms. Julien in Miami

While I was right with those who was appalled at the McDonalds coffee spilling ruling - a true swing to an unreasonable extreme - as usual, our "fix" is to not only fix that extreme, but to take the swing to the other end of the spectrum - just as unreasonable extreme. Listening to GC: you are only using a single set of instances in your arguments. You do not take into account instances detailed in the movie "Erin Brockovich", where so many people - children swimming in their pools, drinking water they would have the right to assume as "safe" - because a corporate giant cut corners to satisfy their profit expectations and let the run-off from their facility enter the drinking water of nearby residents. A company like that will find it cheaper to "build in" a few lawsuits into their budgets - secure in the knowledge of a cap - and will still make money hand over fist by not putting in proper - and far more costly than a few capped lawsuits - safety protocols...
Think about it - these companies won't even need lawyers - they get a lawsuit, and sign off on the dotted line.


Correct me if I am wrong, but the link and image in the original blog above was for medical malpractice. Why do you say that I am just using one example. I am using your own topic. I didn't see anything about "Erin Brockovich" in the photo. ???

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