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Just watch and see how much money is put back in by those running for election in 2006. It's a republican strategy at work.


Wow, talk about name calling...

an ex coke head drunk

the chimp

Do you actually have an argument to make or just call names?

Have you ever read the constitution? Nowhere in it does the federal government have the power to do most of what it does. People THINK that they are "entitled" to money, so the politicians are scared to ever reduce or cut these unconstitutional entitlements. Education is not a federal power granted under the constitution. Small Job Training is not in there. etc.
I know that citizen's THINK they are entitled, but they are not. least not from the federal government.

V the K

If we're going to reign in deficits and grow the economy, unnecessary spending has to go. That means we should fund programs because they serve a vital interest, not because they make liberals feel good.

Be glad I'm not in charge of the budget. Bush used an X-Acto-Knife. I'd use a chainsaw.

Mario Morgado

Most of those programs end up SAVING the govt. money. It is cheaper to keep a kid in an after school arts program than it is to keep him in jail 15 years later......the cuts to the FAA dont bother you? Airline safety post 9-11 isnt a concern?

But I assume the billions we are pissing away in Iraq is just fine with you.

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