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The guy is a faker. As I read the subtext, he does not believe in their god. But, he wants their praise, and supPort and attention, and he want to stay on their side of things; so he uses a phatom premise, to suppose a fanciful thought as true, while always talking about it as if he has nothing to do with any of it, and affirms no belief OF HIS OWN. Does he believe in a god? He is a faker. A poser. An opportunist. He is not an accidental clown as he seems to be.

He'd like to be clever, but he does not know how.

So, this is the best he can do to justify today's paycheck and his place as curmudgeon for the right side of the NYTimes - he is their Alan Colmes
Marty | Email | Homepage | 02.12.

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